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MD 500 Cayuse

This American-built aircraft was developed specifically to serve as a light utility helicopter, for military use. It is therefore no surprise that it is renowned for being a fast and highly maneuverable chopper that promises to excite its pilot and passengers alike. Still in service around the world in various army and air wings, “Little Bird” is sure to thrill its occupants and expose them to what military reconnaissance flying is all about.


Registration: V5-HUG

Engine: Single Allison 250-C20 Turbo shaft

Horse Power: 420 SHP

Crew & Passengers: 1 Pilot + 3 Passengers

Maximum All Up Weight: 1157kg

Seat Restriction: 115kg per seat

Maximum Speed: 130kts

Cruise Speed: Approx 100kts

Range: 375nm

Number in Fleet: 1