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Bell UH1H (Heuy)

This chopper is a true beast of the skies, with a long history of service, dating back to the mid 50s where nearly 7000 saw service in Vietnam. Its massive rotor blades relentlessly beating air into submission has given it its trademark thundering sound, which can be heard from a distance and is sure to give any aviation enthusiast goosebumps. A heavy-lifter, this aircraft is ideal for larger groups and anyone interested in reliving the legacy which is the HUEY.


Registration: V5-HOX, V5-HOS, V5-HOZ

Engine: Lycoming T53-L-1100 Turboshaft

Horse Power: 1100 SHP

Crew & Passengers: 1 Pilot + 14 Passengers

Maximum All Up Weight: 4309kg

Seat Restriction: 115kg per seat Maximum

Speed: 117kts

Cruise Speed: Approx 100kts

Range: 274nm

Number in Fleet: 3